Subject: Re: Naive Tourists
Hi all

I should add to Peter's recommendation about London Theatre tickets. Some of the tour brochures offer you vouchers for theatre tickets that you exchange at the Applause center in London. But we didn't actually get tickets, just another voucher. My friend had to go back home early so i gave her voucher to someone else i had met on a tour. But we couldn't enter the theatre separately, we had to make sure we were together before we went in. Nuisance because we were staying at different hotels.

That aside, another rip off i have noticed is that some of the package operators offer you London transport cards, either by the day or week, for one or all zones. But they're overcharging you as well. Buying a day pass at a tube station or at a news agent that sells them is cheaper. And don't forget that London has a weekend pass as well, cheaper than buying two day passes. 7 day passes need a passport sized photo. You can get them taken at train stations but the photo booth there is expensive. Get one taken at home at one of those photo booths in a mall. The 7 day all zone pass is pretty handy and lets you on the national rail within the zones as well as the tube, bus and DLR.

Diane Johnston Halifax, NS