Subject: Amsterdam week of 3/22.. good idea?
Hi Ziners:

Many thanks to those of you who responded to my earlier questions.

I am thinking of going to Amsterdam 3/22-3/27. There's a deal on expedia that costs $1100 for air from NYC and hotel at the Jolly Hotel Carlton.

My questions are: 1) Is the Hotel Carlton a good place to stay? Other options that look good to me are the Hotel Barbizon for about $1300 or the Hotel Pulitzer for $1750 (eek!!! on price, but looks just beautiful). It's important that the hotel be charming, and located near tourist attractions, and safe for a single female.

2) It seems to be raining there right now and thru the rest of this week. If its still raining when I get there, would I still have be able to do lots of sightseeing? Or am I better off going somewhere else.

Many thanks,

Gerri Los Angeles, CA