Subject: Just Back from Spain
Hello Ziners,

Just returned from our brief trip to Spain. We, too, were so shocked and saddened by the tragic events that occurred while we were there. Most impressive to us was the extraordinary sense of patriotism, solidarity and emotion that we saw and experienced. We were in Seville and Granada on Thursday and Friday and it was incredible to see how the entire nation shared their grief. Early Friday evening, what seemed like the entire population of Granada gathered in the local plazas to join in an expression of solidarity. I have never seen anything like it. According to family members there, this was repeated in every city and town throughout Spain.

Despite this tragedy, Spain is of course one of the most beautiful countries and our brief time was wonderful, bittersweet. Many of the shops and restaurants were closed in honor of the three days of mourning, but we enjoyed our time anyway. We did not experience any anti-American sentiment - all we came in contact with were able to distinguish between American citizens and American government.

I'll post more particulars in a day or so.

best to you all, Vanessa Cutchogue, NY