Subject: Re: Hotel cancellation policy
Hi Mary,

There are a lot of unanswered questions in your post therefore it's difficult to give any concrete advice. However, depending on circumstance, here are some thoughts......

1. How are you booking the room, directly w/ the Inn or through a booking website? If it's through a website, then I'd look to book it through someplace that has a more flexible cancellation policy. IOW, if you're booking though, then perhaps you should consider booking directly w/ the Inn or with another service like American Express. Amex cancellation policy's are generally the most lenient and you don't have to have an Amex card to use them.

2. If the cancellation policy is from the hotel itself, then perhaps there's room for negotiation? For example, if the Inn is located in a place that you might visit again, then perhaps you could arrange

for a credit in the event that you have to cancel at the last minute? Or perhaps they'd agree only to charge you if they didn't get the room filled? If they're nervous about having an empty room, then perhaps you should hedge your bet and book at the last minute, while making a another booking at a place nearby w/ a flexible cancellation policy? (since you left out how far from home the place is, I have no idea if you're traveling 50 miles from home or 5000 miles)

3. Last and not least, buy trip insurance. That will give you peace of mind and allow you to book now. Go to a site like and see which kind of insurance would be best suited to your situation.

Candice NYC