Subject: Zurich, Switzerland for a Day
Hi Ziners,

In late June, we'll be coming home from a trip to the Baltic region and because of plane scheduling, we'll have to spend one night in Zurich on the way home.

We'll arrive at about 3:00PM and then have to get to the airport the following morning, so we won't have much time there.

I would like suggestions for a particular area to stay in. With limited time, we're not going to be running to musuems. We would like to be in an interesting part of town where we could walk around, see some nice shops, perhaps some art galleries, interesting architecture, just soak up a little local flavor, etc. and then go and have a lovely dinner somewhere nearby.

Hotel recommendations would also be welcome. It doesn't have to be 5 star, but we don't want just a clean place to sleep. We'd prefer a place with some style and/or charm under $200. a night, if possible.

Thanks, Candice NYC