Subject: Re: Naive tourists
Dear Ziners,

Naivety or being taken for a ride? You decide...hungry after crossing the Pond & missing a dinner or 2, I ordered onion loaf in a New York hotel 'steakhouse'....and received a housebrick shaped, sized and coloured item, composed entirely (it seemed) of fried onions moulded together...the waiter insisted it was 'a portion', but he got a traditional Roger-Moore-Raised-Eyebrow from me because I was pretty sure there was a leg being pulled, chain being yanked somewhere....Suffice to say, I couldn't finish it (but went & fed the birds/trashcans in Central Park with the remains: no way was I going to leave it! Purely out of priciple, of course....).

Then there was the time I spent a week brushing up on my German before visiting Switzerland for the first time...and not checking a map.....or my brain.....and not noticing the signs at Geneva airport...and chatting merrily away to people & wondering why they were looking at me in a funny way......

may all your 'faux pas' be minor, amusing and (preferably) in Paris,

cheers Stewart, London, UK