Subject: Re: Zurich, Switzerland for a Day
Hello Candice,

When the were in Zurich we stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel, very convenient location... close to the downtown area. If you book 21 days ahead of the time it should be within the under $200 you have in mind.

For shopping WOW. Bahnhofstrasse is a world famous shopping area and it's very close to the hotel. I'd say more for window shopping though. I do understand that they have good prices for Rolex watches though. The jewelry in the windows in absolutely unbelievable.

We were shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse and I thought I'd like a souvenir... they had some lovely cashmere sweater shells that would sell in the US for maybe $200. On the Bahnhofstrasse they were about $400.

Don't know if time would permit but I believe they have dinner cruises around Lake Zurich which is also close to the hotel.

Chris in Pearland, TX