Subject: Paris Addendum
Hi all, Unfortunately, I forgot a few things in my Paris post of last week.

First of all, for anyone needing a CYBERCAF… fix, we found a new one this year called -- Access Academy (I'm pretty sure of this.) It's on rue St Andre des Arts in the 6th -- 1 1/2 blocks going toward Blvd St Michele from rue Comedie l'Ancienne.

(Easy from the Odeon Metro stop) Cross Blvd St Germain and walk toward the Seine on rue, Comedie l'Ancienne. Make your first right on rue St Andre des Arts and walk 1/12 blocks -- It will be on your left - You can't miss it -- It has what looked like 50+ flat screens and was open, I believe 24/7. Sorry, we didn't go in but it was packed whenever we passed it.

Secondly - something worth repeating: For anything doing in Paris - pick up a copy of Pariscope or Spectacle at any Tabac. They come out on Wednesdays and they list everything going on in Paris for that week. You will find all museums, exhibitions, musical venues, jazz, whatever. They also list galleries. Most of the listings provide phone numbers and metro stops. Don't be intimidated if you don't read French. It's not difficult to figure anything out. I believe that Spectacle is easier as the music is listed by date (all music) and the table of contents is easier. We wouldn't do without them in Paris. I think that Pariscope has a section in English in the back.

While mentioning Tabac's -- Tabac's also sell stamps. If you can't find a Bureau de la Post, you can buy stamps at any of these anywhere in Paris (or maybe? anywhere in France,) To send a regular size postcard to the USA from France airmail is 90 EU.

Good luck! Regards, Susie Newton, MA