Subject: back from oaxaca
hi ziners,

denise and I just recently returned from a six night stay in oaxaca and want to report that it was a glorious trip. we took a tour and visited jalieza, ocotlan (friday market) and san bartolo coyotepac where we purchased the largest piece of black pottery donna rosa had. it was so large that on the way home, our flight attendants allowed us to strap it in an empty seat. another tour we took was the el tule tree, teotitlan de valle, and mitla; which included a stop at a mezcal factory. of course, we went up to monte alban, too. eating was second only to italy! lunch at el meson, with dinners at la casa de la abuela, el topil, el naranjo, and restaurant catedral. our hotel, the de la parra, was located a half block from the zocolo on guerrero. we paid $100.00 per night for their master suite....more than we normally would pay, but we went for location. finally, we were extremely lucky. during our stay, oaxaca held a music and dance festival. stages were set up in front the cathedral, at santo domingo, and other locations! it was truly a better than expected vacation.

barry and denise in new jersey