Subject: Re: Winter in New Zealand
Dear Paul and other Ziners, I went to New Zealand in their winter and over all it was great. Think March in Seattle,I went once and swore I never would freeze again visiting paradise.I'm from the mid-west so weather feels different from place to place. In New Zealand the bus driver on the south island kept the bus warm so it felt good to get out in the 50 degrees outside. The driver on the north island was comfortable in short sleeves and kept the bus cool(COLD). While he was in short sleeves some were freezing in their big coats and gloves. Also, we almost got pinned in the Milford sound because of the danger from avalances. We were able to enjoyed our boat ride and hurried out. My traveling campanion enjoyed snow skiing which was different then the powder in Colorado.If you go,plan to stay in farm stays where you meet and exchange thoughts with real people. It was the highlight of our trip.I learned to appreciate wine in New

Zealand. I'll be glad to answer any questions that I can. Wilma in K.C.