Subject: Re: Bermuda
Hi Marty,

My wife and I were in Bermuda in 1995 during a cruise to that island. We found the buses to be adequate and, if combined with the ferry service, very good. Both the buses and ferries run during the daylight hours only so you should confine your wanderings outside

Hamilton or St Georges to those hours unless you are prepared to return by taxi.

We found that walking in the towns and along the Railway Trail was excellent. Just relax, slow down, and enjoy the sights.

We discovered a concert by a Girls' choir from England at the Town Hall during our wanderings. The cost was reasonable. Refreshments at the intermission included wine and Caviar. We missed a meal aboard the cruise ship docked at the pier, causing our table steward to inquire, at dinner, where we had been....worried about his tip, I expect.

We also went to a club (with the cruise) to hear a Steel band. They were excellent, playing classical as well as modern tunes.

As you can see, we enjoyed ourselves there.

Peter Montreal