Subject: Re: Tours in Rome and Florence
Hi, Susan,

The visit of Villa Borghese should be booked well in advance. You have there a guided tour which lasts for about 2 hours (45 min - the second floor). That is a beautiful place and a real must for every visitor of Rome. The only problem is that the tour is TOO short conserning the richness of the collection.

The visit of Vatican can be done without a guide. At the entrance you buy your audioguide and it allows you to see a lot in Musei Vaticani. By the way, arrive there about quarter to nine or even earlier. Otherwise, the line will be long. Also, I recommend you to book in advance the visit of Vatican gardens - only mornings (2 hours with a guide). A visit of St Petro is possible with many written materials.

Using reliable guide book will save oyu a lot of money during your visit of Musei Capitolini and Foro Romano and Palatino.

Of course, a guide can tell you a lot of funny stories and make you trip quite enjoyable, but the independent well prepared trip will leave you with much more time at each site (if you want) and with a feel of satisfaction.

By the way, I recommend you to visit also the archaeology museum near the train station. It contains a lot of colorful beautiful Roman mosaics on the second floor (45 min with a guide only).

Enjoy your trip, Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel