Subject: Re: What do you like/dislike about guided tours?
Donna and other Ziners Guided tours can be a real pain but they can also be very entertaining and sometimes you just have to trust your nose. In Wells Cathedral, we attached ourselves to a tour group and spent a lot of time being herded around the Cathedral with our tour guide calling out Come along now. After we left the Church we realized we had learned more about the church and the town than we would ever have done on our own. Total cost was a donation of about two pounds each. Well worth it. We did the same thing in Winchester. In England, you can walk into a church and find a local person who is taking a tour group through the church.

In Canada, we have a tour operator called DownUnder' which offers airpasses and bus tours for Australia. We pride ourselves on doing it our way but spent $500 for bus tours in Austalia (fully refundable if you don't use them) and took advantage of these for Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin and Alice Springs. They were wonderful and made our trip memorable.

In my experience, I have found in Europe, Asia, and the Carribean that if you show up at a spot and ask if there is a tour, there is always someone who will find you a spot. The world is a big tourist market and there are always locals who will want to show you around.

The best tour we ever had was in Mexico City visiting Trotsky's House. A young man latched on to us, a true believer, who showed us around and told us about Trotsky and his beliefs. Even though we knew more about Trotsky then he did, he entertained us and our donation was wooth it. Lucy, Toronto