Subject: China | Carry-ons
Hi Folks: I'll be off to China in 3 weeks to spend 6 weeks with my daughter and her new Chinese husband in Beijing. We're planning jaunts to Shanghai and Nanjing and I'm eager to know what fabulous shopping and eating experiences members can recommend. The son-in-law is an avid shopper (yes, believe it!) and world class bargainer, but isn't fully aware of where to find clothing manufactured for the western market (and therefore more likely to fit my 5'9 body). Daughter says she has found an excellent tailor who will sew up a suit for around $30 CAN, but she doesn't have a source for fabrics besides the silk market in Beijing.

I've also been researching and appreciating the carry-on luggage concept, and know it's possible to spend a week in Cancun with a small backpack. If any Ziners have particular recommendations for easy to manage carry on bags, I would be grateful for suggestions on brands to investigate both here in Canada and in China.

Iola Girardi in Ottawa