Subject: Re: Tours in Rome
Hi Susan,

As Alex mentioned the visit to the Borghese must be booked well in advance and then you have only a 2 hour period to view this amazing collection. My recollection of a couple of years ago is that we had a choice of going on our own, or of purchasing the audio guide, or going with a group tour. We opted for the group tour and it was wonderful. Our guide was a very knowledgeable young American whose insights really added to the experience. I highly recommend going this route.

We also took a guided tour of the Vatican. When we were wandering around St. Peters Square we were approached by a Guide and offered a Free introductory tour of St. Peters. We took them up on the offer and were pleased with the half hour or so tour given by an ex- priest with a charming Irish accent! We declined the Vatican tour he was selling ( and there was no real pressure ) and, instead, walked over to the main entrance of the Vatican and booked ourselves on the official Vatican tour for about half the price of the one being sold by the freelance guides.

Although we like to travel on our own, we often find a tour of a particular sight to be well worthwhile and also will sometimes hire a guide for a couple of hours to give us an overview of any new City that we are visiting.

Best regards Judy Abbotsford BC