Subject: Re: Las Vegas in April
Hi Lynne,

As a long time resident of Vegas, I can tell you from a resident's view, Traffic is hell. The local authorities haven't been able to keep up with the growth and the streets are jammed. The Strip is horrid. Locals trying to get to work, tourists darting out into the street to takes pictures, regardless of the fact that traffic is trying to move (no wonder we have so many pedestrians killed or hurt each year), shopping mall traffic and so on.

Probably others are better informed than I since I don't take the local buses, but I do know that lots of money has been put into the system and that it is constantly being upgraded. The new (expensive) monorail is suppose to open this month and will go to major hotels and the convention center, but I think it is going to be expensive. There is a trolley service on the strip but April is very popular here and I noticed yesterday they are already jammed with people. Frankly, I think it would be worth the money just to take cabs but plan out where you are going so you don't criss-cross. The larger hotels like Paris, Mandalay Bay and Belliago are massive and there is no way to get around the walking just to get from one area to the next.

If you are art lovers, there is a great Monet exhibit on at the Belliago and then Renoir to Rothko is at the Venetian.

Parking at hotels is free (long walks) or valet ($1.00 tip usually although I notice people are now giving more)....long waits.

Easter is one of the busiest weeks so be prepared for long lines and lots of kids who come to party.

Regards, Beth Sloan