Subject: Re: Las Vegas in April
Hi Lynne -

As far as renting a car, it's great if you're planning to visit some of the hotels on The Strip just to see what they're like or to gamble.

The very bad downside, especially for someone with difficult getting around, you must park in the back of the hotels. Chances of getting a spot close to the the back entrance is slim and none. So you must park wherever you find an available spot. So assuming you can only find a parking spot towards the rear of the parking structure, then you must walk a considerable distance just to the rear entrance, then you must walk a considerable distance to get to the front of the hotel to see the ambiance it offers or to the gambling.

Yes, you can take a taxi, but I have no idea of what they cost. I think I read the overhead tram going along The Strip is now operating. To check either out, I think you might find help by using a search engine, such as Google.

However, if you plan on staying at one hotel for a while to gamble or whatever, then renting a car might be the ticket on account of the convenience in getting around all of Vegas, including the downtown area. You can check out rental costs, again by entering Rental+Cars+in+Las Vegas in a search engine, or by phoning the rental companys' individual 800 phone numbers directly. Be sure to make sure you mention you want the total cost, including taxes, airport fees, etc. Make sure you get the bottom line price so you're not surprised when you're actually at the desk to pick up the car.

Hope this helps a bit.

Cheers, Rose - Los Angeles