Subject: Re: Prague Tour Guide
Hi Anne,

Let me throw in my 0.02 Euros on this one if you don't mind. My wife and I were in Prague a few years ago and stumbled on to this young Czech girl that studied in the states and was back in Prague starting a tour company. She had very good English and gave a very interesting tour of Prague. Several themes were available (old city, communist city, nightlife, Jewish, etc.). There were signs posted around town and we just met at a designated place and time that was scheduled for the theme we chose (old city). We turned out to be the only people on the tour so we combined different parts of the old city and the communist stuff and it was fascinating. I would highly recommend her. Actually, I can't remember her name but her tour company was Bigfoot Walks. Don't know if there is a website - definitely wasn't then - but you'll see the signs or ask at the tourist office.