Subject: Re: Questions about Venice, italy
Hi Graziella,

The Hotel Sant'Elena's website is: We booked through as part of a package that included air and 4 nights at the hotel, so I don't really know what either our hotel rate or airfare was individually. I just know the whole package came to a total for the two of us of under $1,200 including taxes.

But before we decided to book through go-today, I tried checking out the Sant'Elena online by keying it into Google and then clicking on every link that was listed -- most of which turned out to be hotel reservations sites. I found that a number of them said there was no availability for the nights we wanted to go, some said there were rooms available but that they were 130 Euros, and one or two listed rooms at under 100 Euros -- I don't recall the exact amount. However, we were travelling in March, which is the low season, so I don't know how that would affect things.

BTW, if you want to see hotel reviews, I suggest They have reviews for a large and eclectic listing of hotels and I always consult them before embarking on a trip and try to remember to write a review of my on upon returning.

We took an enormous number of pictures while on our trip, many of the Sant'Elena neighborhood. We are in the process of trying to winnow them down to a manageable number to post on our website.

I'll let you know the URL once they are on line.

Landra in New York State