Subject: Safari Adventure Tour in Lapland
Hello Ziners,

I just returned from a wonderful five days in Finland, three in Helsinki and two in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. In Lapland we participated in two, what I would call adventure safaris, with a guide picking us up at hotel and taking us on a two hour snow mobile trek to a campsite. There we donned snowshoes and he cut a hole in the ice for us to fish as he prepared lunch over a campfire of reindeer meat and mashed potatoes. The second day we were again picked up our hotel and taken to a reindeer farm where we each received a sled and drove the reindeer to a husky farm. The guide taught us all about catching and taming the reindeer. We each then drove a husky sled for over half an hour, through the woods, up and downs the hills and across the highways. At the end of each day we were sore but relaxed in the beautiful saunas in our hotel.

For us grandmas to have a chance to participate is such wonderful activities was so exciting and so exotic. Helsinki is also a lovely city and the Finnish people are charming.

Bettina, in Jerusalem