Subject: Re: Questions about Venice, italy
Evan, We have been in Venice three times, one day trip and two stay-overs.

Our first stay was in Venice proper and our most recent was in the Lido. On our next stay we will not stay in the Lido - not because it's not worth a visit (we had a car, drove to the Venice-Lido ferry from Spoleto and took advantage of our wheels to drive around the Lido) but because, as other Ziners have said, the magic of Venice is lost if you are not in what we think of as the city. Taking the vaporetto back and forth is not a hardship, but it is a bit like staying in the suburbs of a metropolitan area and you lose something when you leave. Venice is very special at night. There is an atmosphere (maybe the fog?) that creates an eerie ambiance. Walk the bridges after dinner and absorb, without worrying about catching a vaporetto back to your room. Also, the Lido these days is only marginally less expensive so I would not recommend bunking down there if you can avoid it.

I assume (hope) you are renting your car when you plan to leave. You absolutely do not need a car in Venice. Lucy, Toronto