Subject: Re: New member in Finland
Hi Leonardo and others,

Thank you for the welcoming words. Hope this is not too long message...

And it's true, Scandinavia does not include Finland, Fennoscandia does and Nordic countries. But I don't mind :D

Unfortunately I personally have not visited Åland or Ahvenanmaa, but all I've heard from people been there, it is beautiful and compact, even accessed by hired bike. And I'm sure there is some sight seeing cruises to give best views. Most certainly worth a visit.

I spent my childhood summers in Tammisaari (less than 100 km west from Helsinki, capital, south coast) archipelago, witch is quite the same and I love it. The outer islands along south-west cost of Finland are the place I'd prefer to spent at least week every summer.

Last year it was N#t# island, one of the most outer islands from Turku region, not far from east of Ahvenanmaa. End of July, + 25-28 C for 3-4 weeks already, was nice to have a break on this very small island accessed by ferry, no cars allowed.

Here are some pictures from N#t# port: with our dog and the shop they are having there.

Although the pollution is getting us and Baltic sea also :(... so end of the summer might make the blue sea a bit green with alga.

Actually, one of the 'best place to be' visions is in end of August, windy day, not actually raining, waves going like thudum-thudum-thudum and boats passing by the island, where I would be curled in wind sheltering rocky spot with a thermos and a good book. Of course, in suitable outfit...

I hope this fits 'the area' part. I've visited many, many times Stockholm by ferry and the last part of arriving thru narrow route with huge ship makes one think, that to be a Captain might need more than nice outfit to dine with VIP persons :D

The Swedish archipelago is a lot like Finnish, so I'm sure you'll have pleasant trip, even if the weather betrays and is a bit gray.

Rgds, Kati from Finland, Kangasala