Subject: Re: New Member in Massachusetts
Hi Jane,

We travel exactly the same way that you. I must confess we love to come back to the same destinations adding maybe something new each time. We also love Italy and France, and Spain too. The latter has been a wonderful addition.

Would you mind telling us which hotels do you prefer in Torino, Bologna, and Beaune as well as pointing out any other property that you particularly have enjoyed in other destinations?

Personally I have thought at times of renting a small apartment as a base but at the end of the day we stay in hotels, preferably charming, small hotels because we enjoy the pampering of a ready breakfast every morning, a clean room every day and also the human contact with the front desk which most of the time provides good local information.

Welcome to TheTravelzine, Jane, I hope we could meet one day in one of the GTGs (get-togethers).

Graziella Miami Beach