Subject: Re: No Jet Lag Pills
Hi all you Jet-Laggers,

Living in Australia means half a day before I can get to anywhere much (not to denegrate New Zealand, which is the sole enjoyable exception). Therefore, and being the user of Airline Staff discounts, I am fairly familiar with Jet Lag.

Firstly, I endorse fully the process of forcing oneself into the local time zone. After a 707 (remember those?) five sector/30 hour trip from Sydney to London, which arrived conveniently at 0725, I found very quickly that walking more or less non-stop ubtil about 6pm, having a hearty meal and a pint (all for less than 1pound in those days), then collapsing into bed at my digs got me upright by next morning.

Secondly, the pills you are discussing are almost certainly a melatonin preparation. I understand that is the stuff produced by our Pineal galnd, sometimes known as the third eye. Its long been thought that this gland is responsible for most of our internal time-keeping, so it would be likely that melatonin is the agent of these mysterious processes.

Anyway, my #1 son who works in London and makes the (still painful) trip home about three times a year, has been taking this stuff with good effect, and I have now tried it twice with definite benefit.

Mind you I still walk my legs off until supper time!!!

Paul, in still sunny Sydney