Subject: GPS
Hello Ziners: My husband and I are thinking of purchasing a GPS. We looked at a hand-held Garmin Model 60C but it only has 56 MB. There is a new model coming out within a month or so that will have double the capacity. We would like to use this GPS when we travel not only in Canada and the U.S. but also in Europe, so we feel the more MB the better. I would appreciate anyone's opinion on whether a GPS is a useful traveling tool or just a toy. Our hope was that we could use it in large cities or even small cities to find hotels, etc. Last November we arrived in Siena in a downpour and spent some time trying to find our hotel. We think that a GPS might save us some aggravation. If anyone has personal experience using a GPS in their travels it would be greatly appreciated.

Pauline, in rainy Southern Ontario