Subject: Re: GPS
Hello Earthpeople:

Me : This is a tool that is invaluable for determining your location. Jan: God almighty, we just about drove into the Rhine. Me: Well how was I supposed to know that it was a ferry and not a bridge? Jan: Several hundred bucks for that thing and it won't tell you that you have to stop for a ferry? My Michelin map cost $4.00 and it told us. Me: But we knew where we were at all times. Jan: Perhaps, but you have to carry a gazillion cables, plug into the wall each night and really shouldn't we be concentrating more on the local scenery and people rather than you telling them you know where you are. If you haven't figured it out they know where they are. Me: But we can track our entire trip by latitude and longitude! Jan: Great, we have new ways to bore people to death with our slides. Hi, this is 41 degrees north, 72 degrees west, care for a martini? You will need it. Me: Well I know where Venice is in relation to our house! Jan: That is just the information that the invading hordes from space need. Haven't you considered that you are now a security threat. Me: Harrumph! Jan: Don't you know that part of the fun of travel is getting lost and finding new things? Me: Harrumph!

The GPS stays home now.

Tom trying to discover where I am in Carlisle