Subject: Re: Tampere, Finland
Hi Judy and others!

Nice to have someone interested my neighborhood!

Tuija already had good sites to look into and please don't hesitate to ask more details and native view to area we both live in, within 20 km range from Tampere, where at least I work.

As you asked for opinion... Lovely place and area, I just love it.

The Tampere area is in its best during summer. Lakes both sides the city, sept-mars could give a fresh feeling if not adequately equipped. Then it's lovely when sunny.

Takes 20 minutes to walk thru city from one suburb or park to another.

Two observation towers: old up on Pyynikki ridge with cafe at the foot of the red brick tower and new in S#rk#nniemi amusement park, with cafe and fancy rotating tourist restaurant up there (good food, expensive).

Cute and handy for me, who moved 6 yr ago here from 'huge' Helsinki, where it took at least half an hour to walk to central from the end of longest tram stop and only very eager hiker would gross the city by foot. Here you have compact combination: -working in city by Finnish standards, -one family house in middle of nowhere 17 km from central with reasonable price -you still commute only 20 mins during the Main Rush Hour in the morning: 7.45-8.00. -lakes everywhere -15 minutes range to walk if you have to run errands during lunch

I've visited the spa 4 times but not stayed overnight. First time was for hydrobic they have there, second time girlfriends get together with turf treatments, third time in private apartment friends mother live, fourth time friends staying for weekend time share apartment.

Nice place but quite regular, not luxurious. Friends who stayed the night said the restaurant was not worth visiting, other restaurants in town are. Pools and spa ok, nothing special, rooms ok. It is though good to recycle also buildings.

There is a power plant ruining the view from summer terrace of the marina, as you can see in 360 panorama view in one of Tuijas sites.

But, if you walk along lake side to the other direction, it takes you like max 10 minutes to get into Kauppi forest and on the return you can peek in to wanted neighborhood of Petsamo, small wooden houses typical for Finnish architecture after II WW.

So it is a good base camp for visiting beautiful area.

More information? Just ask :D

Regards, Kati from Kangasla in Finland