Subject: Re: GPS
Hello Tom, Diane and Nelly:

Thank you for your replies about GPS. Tom your story underlines my concern that perhaps this will be a hassle to deal with on a trip. Nelly, we are looking at a Garmin, probably Model 76C, which will be released next month. We were looking at Model 60C but it only has 56 MB of memory whereas the 76C has 115 MB.

I would be interested to know how much information you can store in yours at one time and how much memory it has. We are planning a trip to New Orleans and will be driving from Southern Ontario. The man we are dealing with to purchase our GPS doubts that we could get the whole route in at one time, especially if we want city details.

So that would mean we would have to take the CD's with us and find a place to hook our GPS to a computer to download more information as we go. We are not sure where we would do this. Would internet cafes have USB hook-ups on their computers that we could use or do some of the hotels offer this service? I know some hotels have hook- ups for your own laptop but am not sure if they would have a computer that you could actually put your own CD-ROM into and also a USB port.

I think the trusty road maps are looking better all the time. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Pauline, chief navigator and map reader