Subject: Re: Paris dinner cruise?
Hi Ziners

Kathy suggested a Seine boat trip without the dinner. I second her suggestion.

Last June we took such a trip (ie without dinner) at sunset and enjoyed it thoroughly. We didn't buy drinks and snacks (parents attempting to control the budget). That evening we ate dinner back at our appartment before the trip.

The company was called Vedettes de Paris. They were located at Port de Suffren - just near the Eiffel tower. The tour took about an hour.

We had seats with good views - easy to take some pictures. The boat was relatively small - some of the bateaux we passed were huge with many people on board. We were travelling at sunset - the golden light on the buildings was beautiful - it was a balmy evening. The commentary was not intrusive - some interesting new facts but not too much. I would recommend the tour. website:

>From the website, the current rates for the sightseeing cruise per person are 9 euros - 4 euros for children (we paid 22 euros for the family). The rates for the dinner cruise are 89 euros, 45 euros for children. I am sure dinner would be nice, the cruise longer, but ... for that sort of money you would eat very very well in a bistro and have the cruise separately. The whole family (4) had terrific bistro meals in Paris for 70-100 euros total several times - children were eating from the full menu through all courses - eating on the boat seems to cost 3 times that.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia