Subject: If money were no object...
Hi Ziners,

If money were no object, where would you go? No cheating and saying around the world! A local television station had a poll on this topic in mid-January and 27 percent said I`d keep the money, turn up the heat, and stay home!. They can't have been Ziners! Hawaii was the most popular destination - 21 percent and Fiji with 14 percent. The destinations reflect the weather. Here's the full list:

A more scientific poll by HI Europe shows that most Americans, Italians and British would go to Australia if money were no object. The second favorite is Spain.

Where would I go? I think I would like to travel in a small ship around the coast of India calling at Mumbai (Bombay), Madras, etc. around the Bay of Bengal calling at ports in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, New Guinea, the South China Seas. I might continue on to Hong Kong and China. There would be no pirates, no wars, just beautiful places and friendly people! Frances Toronto, Canada