Subject: Re: If money were no object...
Hi Frances,

If money were no object, I'd head off to Africa. I would take one of the luxury safari trips where you get set up in a 5 star tents every night and taken by private guide everyday to see animals in their own habitat. The excitement of seeing a herd of zebra or giraffe would just thrill me to no end. I'd stay in the famous hotel that's located in the tree-tops and then I'd take a first class car on the luxury Blue Train that travels up the ivory coast.

Then if time allowed, I'd head off to India and stay in the gorgeous palaces now turned into luxury hotels in Mumbai, Jaipur and other cities. I'd tour the Taj Mahal and visit the north and south of India.

I find it most interesting that the poll showed many Americans choosing Australia as their if money were no object choice. The truth is Australia is one of the best value spots in the world. The airlines often have fare sales of about $1200. and once you're there, the dollar (or Euro) goes very far. Also, since Australia is an english speaking and low crime country, there's no need to hire private guides or stay in the best hotels. We've been there 4 times in the past 10 years and always use our mileage to fly there business class, making it a relativity inexpensive vacation. One year when money was very tight, we wanted to go somewhere and compared it pricewise with going to Vermont (which for us would mean renting a car, since so few NY'ers own one) and we realized that 2 weeks in Australia would cost us not very much more than 6 days in Vermont!

Candice NYC