Subject: Re: If Money were No Object...

Absolutely no doubt: see all of Australia including flying with the postie all across Cape York, balooning in the wine country, doing a live-aboard dive boat on the GBR, joining a camel safari in the Red Center & flying with Flying Doctor into some of the outback stations. And probably drag several grandchildren along for most of the journey as well.

Second: rent a totally tricked-out camping van & drive to Nova Scotia & Cape Breton. For those of you on the east coast, this sounds like no big deal. Aha, for us in the Emerald Corner, it's huge & a long-time dream of mine.

And third (ok, this is really weird), hire a couple of thugs for protection & traverse Nicaragua by water. There are some portages required, which might mean refitting the water craft, but if cost is no object, what the heck. Sell one after crossing one lake & buy another before launching into the next lake or river.

And finally, take an outfitted hiking trip in Patagonia & the small boat cruise thru the Straits of Magellan.

And Candice, the palaces in India are a wonderful experience.

My room in the Rambaugh Palace was something right out of 1001 Arabian Nights.

Gail In Eugene but never for long