Subject: Re: Re: If Money were no object. . .
Goodbye Ziners:

With all that money I won't have time to report back. When traveling with my friend Craig, you could tell that he liked a place when he would say, I think that I could spend a month or two here. With my newfound wealth I would spend a month or two in each of the places that I have liked so far. Of course, I would have to have several bases from which to explore newer places in which to spend a month or two. So apartments in London, Paris, Florence, Madrid at the very least would not be a luxury, they would be a downright necessity. The Gulfstream V with transoceanic capability would be another necessity, but as I type this I am beginning to suspect that the new supersized Airbus (the one on which they are considering putting a tennis court) would probably be a better bet. As a matter of fact, the Airbus will probably be needed in order to have a stable of vehicles available once on the ground. I haven't mentioned it to Jan yet for she would be at the designer's getting the interior done in Burberry. And all those window treatments... Then there is the crew to feed and manage etc. I suppose that can be managed by a management company, but you have to watch those guys for even with unlimited funds they can bleed you dry. With all that wealth, you would have an entourage and the papparazzi can be downright annoying. Hmmmm.....the more I think about this the less I like it. Perhaps I'd better consult with Thurston Howell.

Tom creating cash on my color printer in Carlisle.