Subject: Re: If Money were No Object...

Hmm, Frances, this is a toughie. John, if time travel were an option, I'd sign up though I'm not keen on a trip to Mars.

So, the first thing I would do is gather up my immediate family (that would be 18 of us) and board a luxury cruise ship. Destination wouldn't be that important - the main thing is that we would get away and have some fun. Then I'd buy a cottage in Ontario's Muskoka country, log on to the computer and start planning.

I have stay-put ideas: (a) buy a loft in New York and indulge in fine restaurants, the opera, the theatre and shopping for shoes; (b) buy a mas in Languedoc with a small vineyard, hire an experienced vintner to teach me about how to grow quality grapes for fine wine and a chef to accompany me in the kitchen where I would create culinary delights; (c) buy a crofter's cottage in Ireland, watch the shepherds and sheepdogs guide the flocks from place to place, visit the village local and try to become one. If I became bored, I'd hop on a plane and go somewhere.

My get-up-and-go ideas would be to take all the great train trips in the world (the Canadian Rockies, the Ghan through the red centre of Australia, the Orient Express, the trans-Siberian, through the Peruvian Andes and the Kuala Lumpur trip), travel by sea from Iceland to the Faroe Islands, around northern Scotland and end up in Norway.

Mostly, the ability to travel First Class on planes, get away from Winter whenever I felt like it and fly my family around the world would be very appealing.

Oh, and I'd make sure that there was always someone to carry my bags. No more shop shoulder for me.

Lucy, currently stuck in Toronto