Subject: Re: If Money were No Object...
Hi, Ziners,

Money no object?

Then Spur of the Moment would be my motto.

Feel like going to the zoo? Hop over to a luxury tent camp on the Serengeti. Have a hankering for witchety grubs? Catch a last-minute flight to Oz. And I've always wanted to take a couple of ice-breaker cruises to Antarctica and the North Pole. Waterfalls have always been an attraction... Victoria and Iguazu, here I come. See the USA in your Chevrolet (boy, that's dating me.) But in this case it would be in the latest Road Trek. Like a place? Stay longer. Haven't seen the kids and grandkids in a while? Fly them in for a visit and give them a taste for the exotic.

OK. It's time to wake up.

Carrie, Back to reality in Bardonia, NY.