Subject: Compression Socks
Hello fellow travelers,

We just returned from a long, long flight to Thailand. When I discovered the compression socks, nearly everyone in our group purchased a pair. A lot of people have swollen legs and ankles after a long flight (or drive) but this time none of us did.! The socks are very comfortable, make your legs feel good, and they work. They are supposed to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) but that has never been a problem for any of us. The swollen ankles have. They can be purchased at Bag & Baggage or Travel Smith. By ordering directly from we had a great discount since we ordered in quantity. I discovered them from a message on the internet - and I think it might have been from a recent Travel Zine posting.

I'll make some comments about Thailand soon. For now let me say it was a great destination. Nobody in our group had any kind of sickness.