Subject: Re: QEII Cruise
Hello Peter in Montreal and fellow Ziners,

I too have wanted to have a world voyage on the QE II ever since my first cruise on Holland America on my honeymoon in 1982. I figured I'd save it as a pinnacle of my travels, for when I was 90 or so years old! Well, it is in steerage class, not first class, and for a 7 night voyage, not a world cruise, but I am going on the QEII at the end of May!!. Cunard had a special with the cruise fare at half price for certain sailings and $99USD ($134 CDN) for airfare (and transfers in London) from Toronto or Vancouver. It may still be available if other Ziners are interested. (In Canada, your travel agent should contact Encore Cruises which handles Canadian bookings of the Cunard ships.) Anyway, we are booked into M5 category, the lowest of the low, and in fact with an upper and lower berth. (This BTW is not my response to the If money were no object thread!!!!!) I'm not travelling with my husband, so the bunks are fine. Anyway, the ship sails roundtrip from Southhampton on May 29th to Waterford Ireland, Liverpool, Guersney Islands, and Cherbourg France, for a 7 night voyage. I'll let you know what it was like when I get back.

Helen in Ottawa Canada