Subject: Queen Mary
Happy Monday all you Ziners out there!

If this isn't the most fun group, I don't know what is! First the if money were no object series, and now the what have you eaten that you wouldn't have if you had known query. I have to admit to being a very conservative eater -- snails are my most far-out indulgence, plus a couple of strange-looking shelled things on the Island of Tenglé near Mt. Osorno in Chile.

My husband used to do some work in Mexico, and he got quite used to eating tiny little eels. In fact, he started ordering them, and after a while, the restaurant just brought them to him without his asking!

I'm also so pleased that Lou mentioned the hope to travel on the Queen Mary II! It gives me the chance to either boast or admit, depending on how one looks at it, that I came back from the UK on the Queen Mary I in 1959. A wonderful ship, but my last indulgence in water travel. The 5-minute ferry to Balboa Island in California is about the only ship-type trip I actually enjoy, as I am very sensitive to water motion.

Anyway, I just love reading everybody's postings, and I'm still looking for hints, tips on being in Paris with 7 & 10-year old kids!

Thanks for the lovely entertainment! Pat in California who is madly planning for Paris