Subject: Re: Baby Friendly Airlines
Hi, Josie:

Traveling with a 6-month old is a great experience! I'm the Nonnie of 3 wonderful grandchildren ages 18 mos, 3 & 6 years, & it's been my joy to travel with them at several stages of their lives.

I will say it's really nice to have 3 adults per baby, tho.

We flew to Oz with Kylie for the first time when she was 5 months old & to Italy when she was 7 months old.

Qantas was wonderful, with bassinets that suspend from the bulkhead wall. United was a horror, giving us a little plastic pad we were supposed to put on the floor! First, there was no room for the alleged bassinet, & also the floor wasn't fit for feet, let alone a baby.

Qantas has always been great for us in the other 7 trips Kylie has made to Oz; as she grew out of the bassinet, they provided special meals & entertainment supplies very graciously. We made the bassinet request in advance & never had it fail to be provided. With United, we called repeatedly to request the alledged bassinet & when we boarded, there was no record of the request. When I showed them my written copy of the request, they finally rounded up the wretched little thing, grumbling & surly the whole while. It was Kylie's last trip on United to any destination.

Jack & Abigail flew to Hawaii on United last month & the only reason that worked OK was that their parents upgraded with miles to first class.

Whether you break the journey or not so depends on your stamina: I'd rather drag the little ones straight thru & get it over with.

Gail In Eugene but never for long