Subject: Paris boutiques (was: new member in Georgia, USA)
Hi, Charla. Welcome to TheTravelzine! You will surely have a wonderful time in London and Paris. Paris in particular is a popular destination for Ziners. It has been a common topic on the message board lately. If you have time before you leave tomorrow, you can search the recent messages for general advice.

As for your specific request for boutiques where the locals shop, I cannot recommend any place based on personal experience. However, when I was living in Paris several years ago, I noticed many shops in my neighborhood in the 7th arr along Rue de Grenelle between Rue de Bourgogne and Blvd Raspail (probably start at Varenne metro station). I was always amused to see the mothers window shopping with their young daughters. I don't speak French very well, but I always imagined that fashion lessons were being passed down from one generation to the other.

While you are in that neighborhood, check out the Bon Marche department store at 22, rue de Sevres (Metro - Sevres-Babylone) ( If you get hungry while shopping, they have a wonderful epicerie. Note that most boutiques and department stores are closed on Sundays. One thing I observed throughout my stay in Paris - almost without exception, prices for similar items (clothing, gifts, housewares) were higher in Paris than in the US. I never found bargains.

Bon voyage, Mark Los Angeles