Subject: Re: Japan
Hi Jim,

I'm not familiar with Fukowa. Did you mean Fukuoka (a large city in Kyushu) or Fukawa (and, if so, which one)?

Kyushu is one of our favourite parts of Japan and there are lots of places to see around there. Nagasaki - the first port opened up to western trade and, therefore, much western influence in the architecture; Mt. Aso volcano, Beppu (a city famous for it's 'onsen' - hot springs) and our favourite, less-touristy, place nearby, Yufuin.

If it is Fukuoka, and she is getting a Japan Rail Pass (at least the regional one is highly recommended) - it's easy and fast to get onto Honshu and go to Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kyoto..... but of course much depends on how long she'll be there and what she'll be doing with her host family.

Don't forget to send lots of gifts with her ;)

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong