Subject: Re: Paris boutiques (was: new member in Georgia,USA)
Hi Charla,

The only bargains I found in Paris were where the masses shop - Tati! There are many branches and you will see people everywhere carrying the distinctive pink and white checked shopping bags. The biggest store (in 2002) is actually a row of shop fronts, near Rochechoart, Place du Delta. Tati owns most but not all of the shops along the road, each with its own specialty - undies if you want to buy French knickers, men#s clothing, household goods and even Tati Or for jewelry. I went to the main (women#s) store and browsed. They don#t actually have a lot of merchandise but the prices are good and the quality is fair for the price. Sizes are quite small so larger women (size 16 and up) may want to try the Tatissimo department. In this shop, there were fitting rooms (cabines). The smaller Tati shop I had visited elsewhere in the city didn't have any. I understand they have a very good exchange policy.

Frances Toronto, Canada