Subject: Re: Japan
Judy, Thanks for the info,

Yes, I did mean Fukuoka. My spelling of Japanese is limited to what I can hear on the phone from my daughter.

She really won't have a host family. She staying with her college roommate who is American and living in an apartment by herself. When they planned the trip, her roommate was going to be able to take most of the week she will be there off and spend time with her. Since then, her parents have decided to surprise her by visiting the week before my daughter does and expect her to take that whole week off so my kid will be pretty much on her own except for the Sunday she will be there.

So, since she is not going to be spending time with a traditional Japanese host family, should she worry about sending gifts with her. I would understand if she was staying with a Japanese family.

Thanks for the info on the area. I will forward it to her and hope she takes advantage of it.

Jim in Redmond