Subject: Re: boutiques in Paris

Just returned from Paris and part of the fun is going into the various boutiques just even to see - on occasion you can even find sales - one store I discovered - right across from our hotel - Le Clement on rue Clement is Monsoon in the Marche St. Germaine - it is a store actually from England - the first one opened in Paris and is frequented by many locals - I met a charming American photographer who has been living in Paris for the past 30 years. Lucky me all items were on a 15% discount - that even beat the tax back. We also wandered into some interesting shops on Rue de Four.

As an aside, if you have seen or are planning to see the Lady and the Unicorn at the Cluny Museum (worth the visit), Tracey Chevalier's new book The Lady and the Unicorn is worth reading. I bought it just before leaving and it was great reading while in Paris especially as were right where the book took place. It is fiction based on fact.

Wander and enjoy. Carol Toronto