Subject: Paris
Hello All,

Just returned from a very spontaneous trip to Paris - over the xmas holidays after seeing Somethings gotta give with Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton which ends in Paris, Harvey and I thought well we should go - but alas, airfare prices were to high so I promptly forgot about it although did keep the week we thought we could go marked off. Well lo and behold - on Feb 26 Harvey called asking Do you want to go to Paris? - What I responded, It is too expensive - to make a long story short - we took advantage of an Air Canada seat sale and left on March 19 for one week in Paris - our third trip so determined would do those other things. Well here we are just about at the end of our journey in Paris!

>From the walk along the Seine to the innumerable magnificent monuments and grandes edifices, the scale and grandeur of Paris never ceases to amaze. Our hotel Le Clement on rue Le Clement is definitely recommended for an affordable and very well located hotel (Don and Linda have referred to it in their travelogue*). It's within easy walking distance to the Seine and in a very busy vibrant area with many shops and restaurants and street vendors.

Harvey discovered crepes with Nutella and Banane - YUM - not to forget the Pain Chocolate...and the cafe creme?

One night we attended a small concerto (7 musicians) in the chapel of St Chapelle church, Mozart and Bach sounded beautiful in the small old chapel, except there was no heat (ever) and it was probably just a couple of degrees above 0! We visited a museum featuring works mostly of Monet Musee Momarttan - well worth the hike as it is a metro ride from central Paris.

We lunched at the Grand Colbert restaurant which was featured in the movie Somethings Gotta Give and it was just as beautiful and romantic as we remembered from the film. As usual we have walked our feet off and are ready to come home for a rest!

My niece Heather is studying here for a couple of months and we took her out to Bofinger Restaurant for her 21st birthday. Well as can only happen in Paris, when they brought out the cake with Roman candle spouting sparks like a fountain, the waiter kissed her on both cheeks (mais oui) and then the four guys at the next table came over and did the same...only in Paris!

I did do shopping this trip - at Gallerie Lafayette where we also saw a fashion show which is free but must be booked ahead -

Another must see museum is Andre-Jaquemart - on rue Haussman - the museum is a house which is like it was when M. Andre and his wife Mlle Jaquemart lived there and the cafe is one of the salons - a must to at least have tea there.

That's it for now - back to reality of work and life in Toronto - but the memories keep us going till the next trip.

Carol Toronto