Subject: Re: Travel Insurance
Hi Graziella, in Miami Beach, was asking re this earlier in March:

I was getting quotes from Access America for Travel Insurance and was asking about the medical only because I had used frequent miles for most of my expenses. She gave me a quote for 18 days in Italy. Then I decided to ask re getting a very low trip cancellation policy. She quoted me for $500 trip cancellation coverage and to my surprise this policy was much cheaper!! than the previous one she had quoted me. For me this was 2/3 cheaper. Yes, I would have the identical medical coverage. She tried to explain to me that one was priced by the number of days that is why it was so much more expensive and the other was priced based on the $500 that I wanted for trip cancellation. It didn't make sense to me. I thought this was interesting.

Maria Redondo Beach, CA