Subject: Cancel My Trip to Paris!
Bonjour Ziners,

I just read an article in today's Seattle Times (3/31) that makes me want to cancel my trip to Paris.

According to the article, the French are Europe's biggest customers of McDonald's. This is a joke! NO? Published one day too early?? Please tell me it was meant for April Fools day.

Sacre Blue! What is this??

I plan to travel 6000 miles, spend thousands of dollars, and for what? To watch millions of frenchmen and women each McDonald's food!

I was looking forward to those wonderful French cheeses, the great French wines, and the sauces. But now I find cheeseburgers and fries. Quel dommage!

OK, I'm just kidding about canceling the trip, but the article is for real.

Paul Near Seattle