Subject: Re: Paris with Kids
We have a 4-year-old who loves the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) on the Left Bank. It's got a wonderful playground that is usually mobbed on weekends when the weather is good (one also must pay, but it's a nominal charge. Also in Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuilleries (next to the Louvre on the Right Bank) one can rent a model sail boat to sail in the fountains. Also in the Tuilleries, there are trampolines for kids 3 to 14. Kids love it!

In many of the parks there are caroussels. In the Champs de mars, near the Eiffel Tour, kids can drive pedal-driven cars.

In Luxembourg Gardens there also the famous puppet theater. It's all performed in French of course, but your kids might enjoy it. (My 4 year old doesn't; it scares him. Perhaps it's better for slightly older kids.)

A word of warning: most restaurants don;t cater to kids. Few have high chairs or a kids menus. There are some chains, mainly Hippopatomus and Buffalo Grill. Avoid Hippo; the food is awful. I've never been to a Buffalo Grill.

One of our favorite restos is Noura, a Lebanese resto on Blvd de Montparnasse near the intersection with Ave. Raspail (Vavin Metro). No high chairs or kids menu, but the staff seems to like kids. At least they are always cordial to us (perhaps because we're regulars).

Of course, if worse comes to worst there's always McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Quick (a French competitor to McDo's).

Bon voyage et bon appetit!