Subject: Re: McDonald's in a foreign country
Hi, Ziners,

Just last month, my daughter and her family and I were returning from a weekend at the Dead Sea. We had toured Masada, gone to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and had stayed at the Ein Gedi kibbutz. On our way back to my daughters house in Rehovot, we were going to stop to see a friend of theirs who owns a sheep farm on a moshav at Kiryat Malachi.

Although the friends were expecting us, we didn't want to arrive hungry and the grandkids hadn't had McDonald's in a long time, so we stopped for some Chicken McNuggets and fries. We even got on the McDrive line, which was new. Drive-thrus are scarce in Israel.

Well, when we got to our destination, we told our friends where we had been. They excitedly asked if we had seen the new McDrive. We said yes. They asked if we had seen anything we would consider unusual. We said no. They then explained that when they had come to the drive-thru, there were three Bedouins on horseback on line in front of them, each getting an order. That would have been quite a picture.

Carrie, in Seattle-like Bardonia, NY