Subject: McDonalds in foreign cities
Hello Ziners, My story started with my first trip to Europe twenty years ago. The first week was a McD. hamburger in Germany, Second week was a McD. fish sandwich in Innsbrook(best fish sandwich I ever had) and the third week we tried to find a Paris but got on the wrong street, ended up with a bad imitation. 15 years later,after a three week tour in China half the group went to MC D where I got a DIET COKE with LOTS of ice and the other half went to pizza hut.Later in P.V. Mexico we knew where to find a cool,clean bathroom;at MC D's. So, ever though I seldom eat at McDonalds at home, when I need the familiar,I go to McDonalds. But I also admit I like going to places that do not have the usual American fast food places on every corner. Wilma from spring like K.C.